HomeStrong USA was formed in 1999 and is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Our original purpose and mission centered on providing relief to poor and distressed persons through the sponsorship, acquisition, development, and operation of low-income housing. Organizational goals focus on achieving the mission primarily through the delivery of an extensive pre and post-purchase education/counseling program, the acquisition or development of affordable housing projects, and the sharing of best practices and resources with high quality, high performing nonprofit counseling organizations.

Education & Counseling

By participating in HomeStrong USA Home Buyer Education Workshops and their individualized counseling services, potential homebuyers learn the necessary tools to become successful long-term homeowners. HomeStrong USA provides Financial Literacy Workshops and credit counseling to help prepare families for sustainable homeownership by teaching them how to budget their finances and improving their credit. In an effort to preserve homeownership, HomeStrong USA provides foreclosure prevention counseling as well as foreclosure prevention workshops. Homeownership retention services are aimed to help prevent foreclosures by exploring individual’s financial options and acting as a liaison between the customer and lender. HomeStrong USA targets low and moderate-income individuals but the doors are open to anyone in need of assistance, especially due to the high demand for homeownership retention counseling.

Housing Opportunities

HomeStrong USA is improving the quality of life in communities by focusing on housing development, and community stabilization. By partnering with government entities and developers, HomeStrong USA is acquiring and facilitating the acquisition of vacant REO, rehabilitating to higher than usual standards, and making them only available to owner-occupied low and moderate-income buyers.

Foreclosure Prevention

A growing focus at HomeStrong is coming up with programs that help people keep the homes they have worked so hard for. By partnering with government as well as lenders and mortgage servicers, HomeStrong can help families avoid foreclosure by providing free loan modification counseling as well as offering a short sale leaseback program which allows a home owner to short sale but stay in their home. Both programs have been highly developed by HomeStrong and are only available through non-profit entities.