HomeStrong's Heroes

HomeStrong's HeroesHomeStrong USA is a HUD-Approved Community Development organization providing education and counseling to distressed homeowners as well as potential buyers such as post-foreclosure participants in order to get families back on track to sustainable home ownership. The HomeStrong’s Heroes Program is an affordable home ownership program for local heroes and their families with a focus on those who are now suffering from physical disabilities due to injury, mental disabilities or both. HomeStrong USA provides a path to sustainable home ownership for local heroes through home buyer education and financial management counseling.

Program Overview

  • HomeStrong USA acquires vacant properties, rehabilitates them, and then sells or donates the properties to Veterans (active and inactive).
  • HomeStrong USA provides the homes for purchase by Veterans with incentives that may include providing down payment assistance and/or paying applicable closing costs.
  • All participants must work with a HomeStrong USA counselor to determine eligibility
  • All rehabilitation to properties is provided by veteran-owned construction companies
  • HomeStrong USA provides mandatory financial management seminars and continued one-on-one counseling
  • HomeStrong USA counselors are USA Cares Certified Military Housing Specialist

Hero Eligibility

  • Participants must be Active Service Member or Honorably Discharged Military Veteran
  • Home must be primary residence
  • Must qualify for a mortgage loan
  • Must attend financial management seminars and individualized counseling sessions

Heroes Homeowner Club (HHC)

HomeStrong USA requires completion of specific workshops for all HomeStrong’s Heroes participants. The training consists of four, three hour sessions. All classes are scheduled on Saturdays and held twice per month. HHC members also have access to HSUSA counselors for personal assistance as needed. The general focus of the required workshops is centered on financial management and Home Buyer Education. The expectation is that each participant will learn how to create and maintain a budget based on their individual financial situation and be sustainable long-term homeowners. Participants will also have access to HomeStrong USA counselors for personal assistance as needed. At a minimum, each participant is required to complete individual one-on-one counseling sessions semiannually. Completion of the semiannual counseling sessions and four workshops listed below is mandatory. Each participant must complete the following list of educational workshops within 12 months of home ownership. Below is a brief summary of the four workshops and established goals for participants.


Workshop Goals for Participant
Life After Debt (3hrs)
  • Develop an understanding and acknowledgement of where they were financially and what challenges occurred
  • Development of Basic Budget Skills
  • Development of a Spending Plan
Manage Your Money (3hrs)
  • Identify the 10 basic rules of Money Management
  • Identify guidelines for the necessities of life
  • Understanding  the difference between  “wants” from “needs”
Turning Cents Into Dollars (3hrs)
  • Practice money savings tips
  • Successfully demonstrate ability to not overspend again
Living Debt Free (3hrs)
  • Learn how to reestablish credit and understand importance
  • Understand who the credit reporting agencies are
  • Create long-term goals for financial stability