Thank You HomeStrong USA, From The Hunt Family!

17 June 2013
17 June 2013, Comments: 0

The following is a testimonial and thank you letter from HomeStrong’s Heroes recipients, Brandi and Damion Hunt

Dear HomeStrong USA,

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity at becoming first-time homeowners!! My husband and I didn’t think home ownership was in our future because we are considered low-income, but because of HomeStrong we were able to buy a home for a great price that was well within our budget. In fact buying this house will help save us money. We were paying $850.00 for rent and now will have a mortgage for under $600.00!!!!!

This program is a wonderful program for helping veterans and their families. I’ve watched the videos of the families you have helped so far and it’s just amazing. I know that many more families will benefit from this program and I will also spread the word to anyone I know that can benefit from this program as well. I have read through the binder that you sent us and there is a lot of good information in there. We already have in practice using coupons, using cash only, and if we use our credit card, pay it off every time. Once we are settled in we will start applying the other principals and truly be debt free.

When we started the whole process of looking for a home it was looking gloomy because we were competing with a ton of people with the same price range as ours. We would find a house that was ok and make a decision to bid just to find out that it was not available anymore. This happened several times. One morning I checked the MLS and saw this house. I first looked at the pictures and immediately loved what I saw.  I told my husband that we have to go see this house. I called my realtor and set up an appointment. It was then that I read the description and saw that this house was for veterans and active duty only. WOW!! You know that feeling when you know that this is the house for you…I got that feeling!!!!

After seeing the inside of the house it was an immediate YES. We put in our application and waited for the decision. It was February 14, 2013, our anniversary that we found out that we were chosen to buy this house. We then went to the bank and turned in all our paperwork and waited for the finalization from them. On April 17, 2013, our daughter’s birthday, escrow closed and the house was ours. WE ARE HOMEOWNERS!!! The entire process was and is a great experience. Thank you!!

Thank you again for everything and we look forward to the seminars to help us achieve our goals as being strong homeowners.

The Hunt Family

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