UPDATE: The Flores Family Moves In!

24 June 2013
24 June 2013, Comments: 0


The present is to provide you with an update on the Flores Family.  Erasmo, Maria, and their children were moved this past Father’s Day Weekend (6/14/13) by a group of volunteer veterans and military service members and family. This is true example of what our great patriots are all about.  Just like the great example that the Flores Family give every day, to raise up to adversity, this group of volunteers pooled together the strength of the finest that our nation has and did not let their own have to go through a move by themselves.  Thank you to all of you who contributed as little or as much as you could (especially the Mabon’s who paid out of pocket for the big moving truck and drove it themselves to Victorville) to help this worthy family.


P.S. I communicated via text with Erasmo this morning (6/19/13).  I asked him how they are doing; in his own words “The house is coming along slowly but surely.  We are getting to know the neighborhood and the people.  Everything is wonderful”


Semper Fi!




Osvaldo “Valdo” Maysonet

Veterans Specialist | Marine Veteran | 2-1-1 San Bernardino County

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