HomeStrong USA was formed in 1999 to provide relief to low-income and disadvantaged families through the sponsorship, acquisition, development and operation of affordable housing. Over the past 15 years, HomeStrong USA has grown into a multi-faceted community development organization with a mission to increase the vitality and stability of communities across the nation by promoting successful homeownership through education and counseling, the creation of innovative affordable housing opportunities, and providing resources to local nonprofit counseling agencies. While targeting regions hard hit by foreclosures and high unemployment, HomeStrong USA is creating innovative homeownership opportunities for low-to-moderate income families and veterans, keeping families in their homes through foreclosure prevention and revitalizing specific low-income communities across the United States.

Over the past three years, as a HUD-Approved Counseling Agency, HomeStrong USA has provided comprehensive homeownership education, foreclosure prevention counseling and financial capability coaching to over 12,000 families and veterans. Since 2011, HomeStrong USA has acquired, rehabilitated and sold 521 properties with green building upgrades to first-time low-to-moderate income homebuyers and veterans. HomeStrong plans to increase this number to 900 within the next year.

Through its HomeStrong’s Heroes Program, HomeStrong USA is creating affordable homeownership opportunities for military veterans and active service members with a focus on those who are suffering from physical disabilities due to injury, mental disabilities or both. HomeStrong USA also provides a path to sustainable homeownership for local veterans through homebuyer education and financial management counseling. Over the past three years, HomeStrong USA has acquired, rehabilitated and either donated or sold at a discount 120 homes to veterans.

“HomeStrong USA is honored to help our veterans and low-to-moderate income families,” said Jed Davis, CEO of HomeStrong USA. “Everyone deserves a safe and healthy place to live and we are doing everything we can to make that a reality for as many families as possible.”

Through its Homeownership Education and Counseling, Financial Literacy Coaching, Foreclosure Prevention Counseling and Affordable Housing Opportunities, HomeStrong USA will continue to prepare families for homeownership, keep families and veterans in their homes and revitalize target neighborhoods throughout the United States.