An Illinois family now has a safe and affordable place to call home.  The Searcy family had been searching endlessly for a safer environment to live in. Mr. and Mrs. Searcy, along with their six children, were living in a tiny dilapidated home that was falling apart. With no heating ducts, water leaks and mold issues, the Searcy family’s house was not the safe comfortable home that it should be.

“There were unheard of things happening to our house,” said Mr. Searcy. “We were forced to use space heaters in the rooms to stay warm which made our electrical bills very unaffordable.”

Mr. and Mrs. Searcy knew it was time to find another place to live. The small run down house did not have adequate space for their large family, which included four foster children. While searching online, the Searcy’s came across a home available from HomeStrong USA which was in the neighborhood they wished to live in. After contacting HomeStrong USA, they were soon informed that they were approved to move in.

“The home is very spacious and even when the weather is bad outside our children still have plenty of room to play indoors or study in the second level library,” said Mr. Searcy. “I’m telling you this home has been nothing but a blessing and we thank you for being the tool god used.”

This housing opportunity was made possible from the partnership between HomeStrong USA and Wells Fargo. HomeStrong USA acquired the property from Wells Fargo and in turn, fully-rehabilitated the home with upgrades including a new kitchen and bathrooms, energy efficient appliances, new flooring, plumbing, doors, paint and energy efficient windows.

“Thanks to Wells Fargo’s contribution we are able to provide a safe and affordable home for the Searcy family,” said Jed Davis, CEO of HomeStrong USA. “We are honored to be part of such a special project and look forward to helping more families this year.”