HomeStrong USA alongside volunteers from Wells Fargo provided critical home repairs to the home of United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Christopher Cox and his family. These repairs will provide Christopher and his wife Jennifer with a safe and healthy home to raise their three children.

“Every one of our active duty military service members and veterans deserve a safe and healthy living environment,” said Jed Davis, CEO of HomeStrong USA, a national nonprofit community development organization. “With soldiers like Christopher Cox protecting our freedoms, it is our duty to insure that their families are being taken care of.

Two months after his second deployment to the Middle East, Christopher was informed that his two-year-old son Joshua became very ill. While enjoying a fun day at Disneyland with his mother and siblings, Joshua starting suffering from severe abdominal pain and was rushed to the hospital. Upon evaluation, it was determined that Joshua had a blockage in his intestines and needed to get transferred to Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) for immediate surgery. After a successful surgery and being hospitalized for 4 days, Joshua was released and is now on his way to a full recovery.

In addition to the medical problems that Christopher’s son endured during his six month deployment, his home was having health and safety issues. The air conditioning and heating unit broke and was leaking dangerous fumes. There were also a number of plumbing and electrical problems plaguing the home. With Christopher’s six-year-old son suffering from severe asthma problems, it is imperative that the home has healthy air at a steady temperature. The Cox family was forced to live without air conditioning and heating. In addition, the front and backyards had a serious pest and rodent infestation and became very overgrown. With limited resources and Christopher across the globe serving our country, the Cox family was unable to make these necessary repairs.

“The home wasn’t safe for our family,” said Mrs. Cox. “Everything starting falling apart after Christopher was deployed.”

Christopher’s mother came across HomeStrong USA and reached out for help. After learning about the struggles that the Cox family was enduring, HomeStrong USA made it a goal to assist them. HomeStrong USA received a $20,000 grant to help launch its HomeStrong’s Heroes Home Repair Program. A portion of the grant was used to help the Cox family with health and safety repairs including a new air conditioning and heating unit as well as critical plumbing and electrical repairs. With help from Wells Fargo’s volunteers, HomeStrong USA also re-landscaped the front and backyards with drought tolerant plants. HomeStrong USA will use the remaining portion of the grant to help additional veterans and active service members with home repairs this year.

“Wells Fargo is happy to support HomeStrong USA in their mission to strengthen communities and promote positive and sustainable affordable housing with this $20,000 grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation,” said Jack Olree, Wells Fargo Community Relations Vice President for the Inland Empire. “Our team members very much enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer and help an active duty member of the military and his family. At Wells Fargo we believe that supporting the basic needs of local military and veterans is a wonderful way to say thank you for their sacrifices and give back to the community.”

The Cox family now has a safe and healthy home both inside and out for their family to enjoy. With a new air conditioning and heating unit, critical plumbing and electrical repairs and a beautiful newly-landscaped drought tolerant yards, Christopher Cox can now find comfort in knowing that his family is safe in their home.

“We can’t thank HomeStrong USA and Wells Fargo enough for their help,” said Christopher Cox. “The way they incorporated our children into helping out with the landscaping meant a lot to us. We just couldn’t have done this on our own. This is such a great program.”

In an effort to assist veterans and active duty military service homeowners, HomeStrong USA launched the HomeStrong’s Heroes Home Repair Program in 2015 to create safe and healthy homes for those who serve our country.