Since 2011, HomeStrong USA has provided over 1,400 affordable housing opportunities to low-to-moderate income families and veterans across the United States. HomeStrong USA is working diligently to help make the American Dream of Homeownership more attainable for underserved families and veterans. Through affordable homes and transitional housing, HomeStrong USA is paving a pathway to successful long term homeownership while revitalizing the neighborhoods these homes are located in.

“With rental rates and housing prices on the rise, many low-to-moderate income families and veterans are having trouble accessing safe and affordable housing and are forced to live in less desirable areas,” said Jed Davis, CEO of HomeStrong USA. “By continuing to provide safe and affordable housing, HomeStrong USA is improving both the financial and physical well-being of the families and veterans we serve.”

In 2016, HomeStrong USA will continue to address the affordable housing issue by collaborating with both the private and public sector to bring necessary resources and attention to the communities it serves.