HomeStrong USA strives to stabilize communities by focusing on the housing problems in areas of greatest need across the United States.  Sometimes the problems stem from lack of buyer education, credit struggles, while other times unrealistic loans force home buyers into foreclosure.  HomeStrong USA attacks these problems by offering education and counseling services in combination with a proven affordable housing program.  HomeStrong USA’s historic customer profile demonstrates that HomeStrong USA effectively serves a population not readily served by traditional lenders, commonly referred to as the “underserved” market. All of these efforts are accomplished by supporting each local economy through real estate transactions and construction employment opportunities.  HomeStrong USA is pleased to work together with governmental agencies to provide affordable home ownership opportunities to its citizens while stabilizing the neighborhoods in which they live and to provide innovative CRA benefits to reliable participating financial institutions.

The HomeStrong Stabilization Process


HomeStrong USA has extensive experience in the acquisition, rehab, and resale of vacant and abandoned homes. HomeStrong USA acquires bank-owned properties located in areas hit hard by the current economic downturn. Properties that require substantial repairs have been and will continue to be highest priority as these projects will leave the greatest impact in the community.


HomeStrong USA has developed a set of rehabilitation guidelines and works closely with local city inspectors and local partners to continually establish expectations of repairs and improvements to the homes. Rehabilitation always begins with a focus on addressing health and safety issues


All properties are exclusively made available to owner-occupied, low-to-moderate income families. Since no investors are allowed to purchase HomeStrong USA properties, HomeStrong USA is creating an inventory of properties dedicated to low-to-moderate income buyers in which competing with investors is not an obstacle. HomeStrong USA believes that pre-purchase education is the key to sustainable home ownership.


HomeStrong USA has a comprehensive proprietary software system that tracks over 150 fields of data throughout the entire process and provides transparency to its strategic partners. HomeStrong USA partners can be assured that any information related to the progress and status of HomeStrong USA and their stabilization efforts can be reported.